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A role play with a child from the past...

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I do miss Mrs. Bedlam, who played in DW 1.0, which is where this role play came from.   It was fun for both and I think a good example of how adults and children can do a role play with meaning in a sim where you'd think there was no place for children.  It's always so wonderful when adult avatars "get it"!

[20:32]  Grey Bedlam smiles at the little girl as she walks down the street. "Hello."
[20:33]   Elizabeth smiles
[20:33]   Elizabeth Vita:  Hello
[20:33]  Grey Bedlam: How are you doing today?
[20:33]   Elizabeth Vita shrugs
[20:34]   Elizabeth Vita: I'm waiting for CarrieAnne, but I think she's mad at me
[20:34]   Elizabeth Vita sighs:  She never wants to play anymore
[20:34]  Grey Bedlam: Well, that's no good. Why would she be mad at you?
[20:34]   Elizabeth Vita:  I don't know
[20:35]  Grey Bedlam purses her lips and taps them with a finger in thought. "I see... and why doesn't she want to play anymore?"
[20:36]   Elizabeth Vita:  I don't know... maybe she's got chores
[20:36]   Elizabeth Vita sighs:  Since she turned ten she's been busy
[20:36]   Elizabeth Vita:  I'm only nine
[20:36]  Grey Bedlam nods. "Well, having chores never stopped me from wanting to play... Sometimes it made me not able to play. Oh, I see... well, it's a big change. When is your birthday?"
[20:37]   Elizabeth Vita:  September 22nd
[20:37]  Grey Bedlam: Well, that's not too far off.
[20:37]   Elizabeth Vita:  I might be dead by then..people die every day and you never knows when it might be your turn
[20:39]  Grey Bedlam frowns, shocked by the child's view of mortality. She nods a little though. "While that's true, you could live for another fifty years." She pauses. "I was just learning French when I was your age. Do you speak French?"
[20:40]   Elizabeth Vita nods:  Me and Carrie Anne was learning it from Miss Astolat
[20:41]   A little tear trickles down Elizabeth Vita's check and she wipes it off
[20:41]   Elizabeth Vita:  We learnt how to say bon jour and au voir
[20:41]   Elizabeth Vita: Do you know how to say chicken in French?
[20:42]  Grey Bedlam smiles "I know how to say many things. One of them is a phrase the French use... la joie de la vie. Do you know what that means?"
[20:42]   Elizabeth Vita shakes her head no
[20:44]  Grey Bedlam leans in and hands the girl a lace handkerchief. "Chin up, darling. It means 'The joy of life'. The French have a philosophy that life is filled with little pleasures and it is an honor to find them where you can. Nothing is ever all bad. There's always something good in everything."
[20:44]   Elizabeth Vita sniffles and takes the handkerchief, using it to pat at some tears
[20:45]   Elizabeth Vita:   Jonathon is mad at me too, we had a fight
[20:45]   Elizabeth Vita:  Now I don't have any friends
[20:45]   Elizabeth Vita:  I don't know if that's good
[20:46]  Grey Bedlam smiles. "For instance, if CarrieAnne was available to play, we wouldn't be talking, and I wouldn't be able to meet you." She makes a little frown. "What did you fight about? Oh, you have friends. Friends fight all the time, but what makes them friends is eventually not being mad at each other anymore."
[20:47]  Grey Bedlam taps the tip of her own nose and smiles. "and I'd be honored to be your friend."
[20:47]   Elizabeth Vita gulps down a tear or two:  He was real mad cause he told me I eat baby chickens and I said I do not
[20:47]   Elizabeth Vita smiles at the lady:  thank you...
[20:47]   Elizabeth Vita:  I'm Elizabeth Vita
[20:47]  Grey Bedlam: My name is Grey Bedlam.
[20:47]  Grey Bedlam: Why'd he say you eat baby chickens?
[20:48]   Elizabeth Vita:   I told him I do not eat meat and he said I do because I eat eggs and eggs is baby chickens and Carrie Anne said eggs are not baby chickens til they are fert'lied
[20:49]  Grey Bedlam: Carrie Anne is right... but boys are funny. I will tell you a secret about them if you'd like.
[20:49]   Elizabeth Vita looks up
[20:50]  Grey Bedlam leans in to whisper.
[20:50]   Elizabeth Vita blinks
[20:51]  Grey Bedlam: Boys don't like to ever be wrong, especially when a girl is the one that corrects them. Sometimes you have to let them think they're right. They get intimidated by girls that are smarter than they are.
[20:51]   Elizabeth Vita smiles
[20:51]  Grey Bedlam smiles and leans back, still half-crouched to be on the child's eye level.
[20:52]  Grey Bedlam: Besides, I'm sure there's a book in the library about it.
[20:52]   Elizabeth Vita doubts it in this century
[20:53]  Grey Bedlam thinks you're probably right... at least here.... hmmm....
[20:55]  Grey Bedlam chuckles. "The general rule is to not argue with them. If you know you're right, state it, and then if they start to argue, walk away. " She winks conspiratorialy.
[20:55]   Elizabeth Vita thinks about that:  But .. but then they think they sooo smart
[20:55]   Elizabeth Vita:  Jonathon gets bossy
[20:56]  Grey Bedlam: Let the boy rationalize it to himself if he can... If you seem confidant in your knowledge enough to display that his opinion means nothing to you, then you win.
[20:57]  Grey Bedlam: It's the ladylike way to win an argument. Don't let him fluster you, smile prettily at him and then ignore him. You can't be bossed by someone you ignore. Eventually he'll get tired of it and stop... or do something silly and make himself look stupid.
[20:57]   Elizabeth Vita sighs
[20:57]   Elizabeth Vita:  How come women can't just be the bosses?
[20:57]  Grey Bedlam taps her temple. "Boys are bigger and stronger, but girls are more clever." She chuckles again. "Besides, give him time and he'll be following you around like a lost puppy."
[20:58]  Grey Bedlam smiles. "Oh, we are. We just let the boys think they are. It makes them happy."
[20:58]   Elizabeth Vita:  We have a club called the Boys Club Run by Girls and we boss them around, and they don't even know it
[20:59]   Elizabeth Vita lip quivers a bit:  Me and Carrie Anne started it
[20:59]  Grey Bedlam laughs behind her hand. "You're very clever girls. Boys and men won't do anything to offend a lady unless they're uncouth--and if they are, the other boys and men sort them out on their own. Jonathan is probably just too young to know the rules yet."
[21:00]   Elizabeth Vita:   We have a chicken for a pet but we want to name it Lady Whatever Chicken is in French only we don't know what French is for chicken
[21:00]   Elizabeth Vita:   It's our club pet
[21:00]  Grey Bedlam reaches a hand out to pat the child's hair. "Oh, Elizabeth, dear... don't fuss. I'll bet that Carrie Anne isn't mad at you. I bet it's just that she's older now so has more chores and things to do."
[21:01]   Elizabeth Vita swallows down her tears again and nods, sniffling and dabbing with the handkerchief
[21:01]   Elizabeth Vita blows her nose and then holds out the handkerchief to the lady:  Thank you
[21:03]  Grey Bedlam waves it back to the girl. "Consider it a gift." She chuckles softly. "The word for Chicken is 'Poulet'."
[21:05]   Elizabeth Vita smiles:  Oh, thank you... Lady Poulet
[21:05]   Elizabeth Vita smiles a little:  I'll tell CarrieAnne.. if..when I see her again
[21:06]   Elizabeth Vita:   Thank you Miss Bedlam
[21:06]   Elizabeth Vita:  I gotta goin now
[21:06]  Grey Bedlam: When, dear. When. Remember, Joie de la vie. With the joy of life. Think about it the next time to see or do things. Even the littlest things, nothing is without value. You are quite welcome, Elizabeth.
[21:06]  Grey Bedlam: It was a pleasure speaking with you.
[21:07]   Elizabeth Vita stands and  smiles
[21:07]   Elizabeth Vita:  Do you work around here?
[21:08]   Elizabeth Vita slides the handkerchief in her pocket
[21:08]  Grey Bedlam: Yes, I keep the ledgers neat at the Gem. I also might be coming to help with your schooling soon.
[21:08]   Elizabeth Vita: Ohhh, that's good... *smiles*  I like school
[21:09]  Grey Bedlam smiles again. "I'm not surprised.."
[21:10]   Elizabeth Vita:  Good night ma'am
[21:10]   Elizabeth Vita:  Thank you again for.. being my friend and all
[21:10]  Grey Bedlam: Good night, Elizabeth. Sleep well.

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