Monday, April 26, 2010

How to have sex in SL without "really" having sex in SL

Hopefully we're starting something here (or perhaps its out there somewhere, and we're just discovering it).

Below is another Soiled Dove scene in Deadwood 2.0, sans actual sex... and there are promises of more to come (so to speak :)  )  from other working girls...

Cletus (aka Randall Carfield) is in the Palace, recuperating from a recent paid encounter with Miss Daisy. 

[2010/04/22 18:33]  Randall Carfield grins over at the red headed whore with his tar colored teeth
[2010/04/22 18:33]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles at the man and tosses her hair some more
[2010/04/22 18:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis reaches forward and fiddles with his scarf
[2010/04/22 18:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis: How ya doin' hon?
[2010/04/22 18:34]  Randall Carfield: Yee weren't here earlier, I coulda double my fun.
[2010/04/22 18:34]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs: You betcha
[2010/04/22 18:35]  Daisy Stratten: Oh my lord Lola *laughs*
[2010/04/22 18:35]  Randall Carfield: Few more drinks an' may be standin' back at full mast. Heh!
[2010/04/22 18:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs
[2010/04/22 18:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We always ready hun
[2010/04/22 18:36]  Lolaraine McGinnis winks
[2010/04/22 18:36]  Daisy Stratten: Will you excuse me for a moment, folks?
[2010/04/22 18:37]  Randall Carfield: Oh certainly. *winks at Daisy*
[2010/04/22 18:37]  Randall Carfield: That gal is still tuckered from earlier. *tugs his pants up and sighs a little*
[2010/04/22 18:37]  Lolaraine McGinnis: She done drunk too much

(more dialog in the saloon)

[2010/04/22 18:46]  Randall Carfield sets his glass down and winks at Lola, "First darlin' how about ah go drain my lizard, then I takes ya across the street and enjoy the fruits oh my labors."
[2010/04/22 18:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs: alright sugar
[2010/04/22 18:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: you got the money honey, I got the time
[2010/04/22 18:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You want a turn, Windlow?
[2010/04/22 18:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Shouldn't be more'na hour
[2010/04/22 18:47]  Lolaraine McGinnis: At the most
[2010/04/22 18:48]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I bathes in between *smiles and flutters her lashes
[2010/04/22 18:48]  Flint Windlow: hmmm? No, not right now darling, but thanks
[2010/04/22 18:48]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Well now don't you forgit me
[2010/04/22 18:48]  Flint Windlow: I'm sure ya do.. *smiles just a bit
[2010/04/22 18:48]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I ain't forgettin you
[2010/04/22 18:48]  Randall Carfield sways out drunkenly to the side of the saloon, he props on hand up against the side of the building and proceeds to relive himself, "Ahhhhh...."
[2010/04/22 18:48]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks flirtatiously at him
[2010/04/22 18:48]  Flint Windlow: Oh, I'm sure I won't... though I tend towards the smaller gals.. *glances over at Daisy
[2010/04/22 18:49]  Flint Windlow: They is easier ta hold down... *grins only slightly
[2010/04/22 18:50]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs: Whatever toots yer noodle hon
[2010/04/22 18:50]  Randall Carfield looks up towards the sky and hums alittle while he finishes the task at hand, he bends his knees and shakes afew times before buttioning up and stumbling back into the saloon, "Whooo."
[2010/04/22 18:50]  Flint Windlow: Not that I is sellin' ya short Ma'am... *lifts his drink to her
[2010/04/22 18:50]  Lolaraine McGinnis grins: No 'fense takin'
[2010/04/22 18:51]  Randall Carfield: Thar we go...
[2010/04/22 18:51]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Men got their likes
[2010/04/22 18:51]  Flint Windlow: Yes... that they do
[2010/04/22 18:51]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles at the other man: Say, what were yer name agin?
[2010/04/22 18:51]  Lolaraine McGinnis: I always likes ta know what ta shout out in my moment a delight
[2010/04/22 18:51]  Randall Carfield: Cletus R. Fallowfield.
[2010/04/22 18:51]  Lolaraine McGinnis: That be a .... mouthful
[2010/04/22 18:52]  Flint Windlow tries to remember the mans name, knowing he'll forget
[2010/04/22 18:52]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Maybe I jes say.. hon
[2010/04/22 18:52]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You ready Cletus?
[2010/04/22 18:53]  Randall Carfield: Oh saddle up darlin', it's gonna be a buckin' ride.
[2010/04/22 18:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Let's take a bottle with us...
[2010/04/22 18:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis grabs a bottle from behind the counter
[2010/04/22 18:53]  Randall Carfield: Why certainly. *licks his lips*
[2010/04/22 18:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis: See ya later Windlow
[2010/04/22 18:53]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Tell Daisy ta knock afore she enter, will ya?
[2010/04/22 18:53]  Flint Windlow nods.. "you kids have fun..."

Cletus and Lola enter the cabin:

[2010/04/22 18:54]  Lolaraine McGinnis sets the bottle down
[2010/04/22 18:54]  Lolaraine McGinnis: That there's my bed
[2010/04/22 18:55]  Randall Carfield: Yee haw! I gets to try both in one day!
[2010/04/22 18:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis grins
[2010/04/22 18:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Take off yer boots
[2010/04/22 18:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We don't like no mud in here
[2010/04/22 18:55]  Lolaraine McGinnis pours some whiskey into a couple of tin cans
[2010/04/22 18:56]  Randall Carfield bends down and pulls and tugs on his boots, he reefs and tries to shakes them off, "Yer... just a sec..."
[2010/04/22 18:56]  Lolaraine McGinnis watches, sipping her whiskey and holding his tin can of it
[2010/04/22 18:56]  Randall Carfield ticks them against the side of the cottage as they flop against the wall and thud
[2010/04/22 18:57]  Lolaraine McGinnis offers him the tin can
[2010/04/22 18:57]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Here ya go
[2010/04/22 18:57]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You gonna keep the hat on?
[2010/04/22 18:57]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Alright wit' me if'n ya does, some men likes to
[2010/04/22 18:57]  Randall Carfield wiggles his toes through two rotten socks as he takes the can, he sniffs the order rising from his boots as takes a drink, "Ahh like home."
[2010/04/22 18:57]  Lolaraine McGinnis grins: Now afore we gits to it, payment first
[2010/04/22 18:57]  Randall Carfield takes his hat and tosses it of, he slides his jacket off into a clump on the floor
[2010/04/22 18:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis: That be 50 cent fer jes the reglar
[2010/04/22 18:58]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Dollar more if'n you wants my clothes ta come off
[2010/04/22 18:59]  Randall Carfield takes out a pouch and pours some gold flake out and hands it over, only 50 cents having not much flake left.
[2010/04/22 18:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis takes the flake and sticks it in her shoe
[2010/04/22 18:59]  Randall Carfield: Yer friend done took me earlier.. ya coulda had more...
[2010/04/22 18:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs
[2010/04/22 18:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You had more money, you coulda had more
[2010/04/22 18:59]  Lolaraine McGinnis laughs
[2010/04/22 19:00]  Randall Carfield hangs his gun belt on the best post for easy accesss.
[2010/04/22 19:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis: We jes' do the reglar then, I keeps my dress on an' all
[2010/04/22 19:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You can touch where ya wants though
[2010/04/22 19:00]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Jes don't rip nothinb'
[2010/04/22 19:01]  Randall Carfield: Whoo hoo! Giddy up woman! Less talkin' more gettin' down!!
[2010/04/22 19:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis: alrighty
[2010/04/22 19:01]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You be on the tops or bottoms?
[2010/04/22 19:01]  Randall Carfield: Top, ah's a popular fellar and may have'ta run to me next appointment quick.
[2010/04/22 19:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis nods: That most pop'lar
[2010/04/22 19:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Cept with married men
[2010/04/22 19:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis lays down on the bed and pulls her skirt up
[2010/04/22 19:02]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Go to it
[2010/04/22 19:03]  Randall Carfield dives in and makes a loud noise not unlike an disgruntled goat, "BAHHHH!"
[2010/04/22 19:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis yawns and looks at the wall
[2010/04/22 19:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis: oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
[2010/04/22 19:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis: go baby go baby uh huh
[2010/04/22 19:03]  Lolaraine McGinnis shouts: oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah go baby go baby go baby
[2010/04/22 19:04]  Randall Carfield flops around like a fish and hollars, "Yippe!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!"
[2010/04/22 19:04]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Uh huh uh huh you good
[2010/04/22 19:04]  Lolaraine McGinnis stifles a yawn
[2010/04/22 19:05]  Lolaraine McGinnis shouts: Uh huh uh huh you good oh yeah mmm hmmm oh yeah
[2010/04/22 19:05]  Randall Carfield bobs up and down like he's riding a bronco, "YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"
[2010/04/22 19:05]  Randall Carfield lets out a loud hoot to finish his performance
[2010/04/22 19:06]  Lolaraine McGinnis lays there
[2010/04/22 19:06]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You done hon?
[2010/04/22 19:06]  Randall Carfield shouts: WHOOOOOOO YIPPIE!!! YEAH!!!
[2010/04/22 19:06]  Lolaraine McGinnis strokes his hair: Were that good for ya?
[2010/04/22 19:07]  Randall Carfield stand up and does his pants up the adjusts him and grunts, "Whoo! That were some pole greasin'."
[2010/04/22 19:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis leans up and props herself on her elbow
[2010/04/22 19:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You good hon
[2010/04/22 19:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: One a the best I done had
[2010/04/22 19:07]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Shame ta take yer money but.. I gotta
[2010/04/22 19:07]  Randall Carfield grins, "Well thar be more where that dun come from."
[2010/04/22 19:08]  Randall Carfield fetches his gunbelt off the pole and buckles it on then twists it until it is the way he likes.
[2010/04/22 19:08]  Lolaraine McGinnis looks for a towel
[2010/04/22 19:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis cleans herself up
[2010/04/22 19:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis tosses the towel in a bucket
[2010/04/22 19:09]  Randall Carfield grabs his boots and shoves his feet back into them
[2010/04/22 19:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis smooths her hair and her dress
[2010/04/22 19:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles at him
[2010/04/22 19:09]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Real good, hope we gits ta do it agin
[2010/04/22 19:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis: You got everything tucked back in?
[2010/04/22 19:10]  Randall Carfield nods, "Ah's do indeed. I's gonna work twice as hard and come backs to see ya'lls.
[2010/04/22 19:10]  Lolaraine McGinnis sashays out

[2010/04/22 19:11]  Daisy Stratten: Hello again Lola *smiles tightly*

[2010/04/22 19:11]  Lolaraine McGinnis sashays in (to the Palace), smoothing at her slightly wrinkled dress
[2010/04/22 19:11]  Lolaraine McGinnis smiles at Daisy and the men
[2010/04/22 19:11]  Lolaraine McGinnis: Gentlemens
[2010/04/22 19:11]  Caed Aldwych tips his hat
[2010/04/22 19:11]  Flint Windlow nods at Lola... "Ma'am"
[2010/04/22 19:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis tucks a loose hair back
[2010/04/22 19:12]  Daisy Stratten lowers her voice and hisses at Lola, "I was just with that fella an hour ago and he ain't had time fer a bath."
[2010/04/22 19:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis shrugs
[2010/04/22 19:12]  Daisy Stratten sighs
[2010/04/22 19:12]  Lolaraine McGinnis: He wiped up a bit


  1. Well, I do declare! I must say that I am still blushing over that conversational intercourse.


    In all seriousness, I'm a tad confused. The above scene (in contrast to the first one, in which the amorous encounter ended with a bop on the head) seems to have all the sex that is possible to have in a virtual world. Admittedly, the scene is played for humor, but in what sense is this sex without sex?

  2. Hmmm.. well, although it was a scene about sex, it is hardly all the sex that is possible to have in a virtual world!

    It isn't a scene in which players are seriously having sex, wherein their movements and reactions are described in erotic - or any - detail.

    Although there were no other typists within hearing range of the Say dialog, IMHO there was nothing in this dialog that would have had the admins telling the typists to move their talk to IM or leave the sim..

    Would be interesting to know if there are others who disagree, and find this a TOS-able scene had there been others in range...

  3. The idea is to portray a sexual encounter that others can hear, yet not being so descriptive that you get a warning/ban.

    The answer really is that this was a sex scene. The idea IMHO was to portray the act in a way that could be shared with others without offending anyones sensibilities. Cletus and Lola did this quite well. A good definition of sex is "anything that rocks your boat "sexually", is sex." Using this definition, would anyone been titillated? I don't think so. I found it very amusing but erotically charged, again, no.
    So was this sex without sex? You betcha!

  4. This is a good question but one must begin by defining terms because there's two different types of sex being discussed. The challenge with 'sex' is that it has a lot of potential definitions even before you include virtual worlds. When you do include VWs, potential definitions include 1) the act of physical sex between real people (typists) 2) the act of simulated physical sex as conducted in animations and other tools between avatars that are meant to represent typists (attachments you click on, etc...) 2.5) the act of verbal, descriptive, sex between avatars speaking as typists and 3) the act of sex between avatars playing a role in roleplay as determined by roleplaying typists.

    So even when you ask a seemingly simple question you need to take in oxygen and stop to pause. How these things intermingle is incredibly complex; it's possible to imagine *some* of the above dialogue as typical of some between some people in Second Life in Definition No. 2 whereas it was two experienced roleplayers performing in Definition No. 3. There are a lot of clues (the reference to the goat sound, for example) that it's not 2.

    So there's my answer ... the dialogue is one kind of sex without being another kind of sex.

  5. hmmm.. maybe I need to change the title to "One Way to Dialogue Having Sex in Second Life Without Really Having Anything that Might be Confused as the Typists So Playing it Having Actual Sex or It Being Sex Conducted by Escorts for Pay in Second Life Without Offending Those Listening Or Getting Typists Banned, Warned or Tossed..."

  6. Oh dear! I didn't mean to create a storm, even if it is a tempest in a teapot.

    I agree the scene was not erotic, and certainly not the kind of scene one would expect if one were in the escort business. I read the previous responses with interest, and I think we're in agreement. I was just checking to see if Deadwood had a different definition of "sex." :)

  7. Ha, Rhianon - blogs are meant for hot or tepid debates!

    This was good to think about and get some conversation going!