Friday, May 28, 2010

Traveling in SL

Times in Deadwood have been slow so I've been traveling around a bit - mostly listening to live music in a couple of places.   Nice way to meet people and get stuff done (like rl laundry, dusting, etc.) There are some excellent live musicians in SL - nothing better to soothe, excite or entertain than listening to real music. During the day, I have the Brits - at night, all kinds of Americas to choose from -- give it a try if you haven't!

If you like the blues, I have to recommend trying out The Cottonfield Stage at Mississippi Delta Blues.

While waiting  for the show to start, I took a ride on a train that goes around the sim, popping off a couple of times to wander around.  You're right on the water, of course, so you can go down and do a little lazy fishing or try to boat (I wasn't very successful).  Set in the 1940's Mississippi Delta Blues,  before the live show starts, blues music is filtered in.
Dancing to the music of Jimmyt49

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