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Was soll nicht dort über Berlin 1920 lieben?

When I'm not in Deadwood, chances are good that I can be found in Berlin 1920.   This is a very well built sim where you can find a lot of interesting buildings in which to play, and often a few people who are willing to talk with you.  Children are welcome, as long as they follow all the rules.  It would be likely that children could be found in the streets of Berlin in this time period - not all would be orphans or homeless, but many would be outside, working or trying to get outside of small stuffy apartments!   Avatar animals - dogs and cats -  are also welcome, as long as they look realistic and are played like animals, not like talking animals.

There are too many nooks and crannies to show you in the pictures I took - but the city is incredibly well laid out, with apartments available over shops, restaurants and tucked away in unexpected places.  Here's an overview - a lot of which you can see from the apartment I share with a friend.  I've been renting there for a month or more, but have only just started venturing out into the community.  And this is a community, where people care about the sim and each other.

 Me, lounging on one of our shabby couches

        I decided a bicycle was a great way to get around, although walking allows you to explore alleys and climb up stairs.

     Of course, wholesome young American college student that I am, I didn't realize that the building I'm standing outside of is a brothel - I had no way of seeing inside (but you can).

After bicycling for a bit, I decided to cool off in the public pool - free swim suits are offered as you walk in -- this is the 1920's woman suit.

After cooling off, I continued around and stumbled upon the local Police station - as with many places, there are poseballs that put you in some interesting positions - here I'm listening in.  You can also get into arguments, or find yourself passionately kissing your companion.

There are Happy Hours every day, as well as other scheduled events.

Hardcore roleplayers may find the talk about town a little unsettling, as not everyone is familiar with role play - conversation can change from the 1920's to present day in a heart beat, though efforts are being made to encourage people to learn and enjoy.

So far the rules about staying in character are not strict, although any variation from the dress code will get you a swift and firm IM request to change or get out of town.

The welcome area offers no reason to be inappropriately dressed - you'll find two great, if somewhat dowdy, dresses for ladies (I took this one and modified it to make a very cute outfit, befitting my 20 something character)...

and a man's suit and short hair cut modeled by my handsome friend here

.  An umbrella and period automobile are also provided, along with other freebies most provided by vendors who are also active citizens of Berlin.

The activities and politics are all pre-Nazi era - no roleplay, reference to or dress is allowed that refers to Hitler or Nazism - this is a pleasant, relaxed 1920's time period between World War I and II.   You can learn more about this by visiting the website and the forum. 

      This is a great sim with a lot of possibility -- nice to find another place (like Deadwood) where there is a focus on history, where there's an interest in roleplay and storylines, and where forced sex, violence and angst are not the major themes.

      Useful things to know:

      1)  Don't tp into the location you see on someone's Profile - go to the welcome area - I accidentally tp'd an inappropriately dressed alt in to what I thought was the welcome area but it was outside of my apartment - within 1 second I had a less than warm welcome that would have turned me off if I wasn't already a resident!

    2)  Don't wear guns - from information I found on a bulletin board outside the Police station:
Please read this notecard carefully as breaking the gun laws in Berlin can get you permanently banned.

-Do NOT carry a gun in public.
-Do NOT shoot a gun in public.
-You can buy a gun, own a gun and carry it inside your own private residence.
-If you are seen carrying a gun in public you will be arrested by the Berlin Polizei, you will be locked up in a police cell for 1 week (RL time), you can of course leave the cell and do as you please outside Berlin but for this period you may not walk around Berlin and only visit the sim if you will spend the time you are there in the cell.
You will also have to pay a 1000L$ fine.
-If you fire a gun in public you will be arrested by the Berlin Polizei, you will be locked up in a police cell for 1 month (RL time), you can of course leave the cell and do as you please outside Berlin but for this period you may not walk around Berlin and only visit the sim if you will spend the time you are there in the cell.
You will also have to pay a 5000L$ fine.
 -If you fire a gun in public and actually shoot someone you will be arrested by the Berlin Polizei, you will be locked up in a police cell for 3 months (RL time), you can of course leave the cell and do as you please outside Berlin but for this period you may not walk around Berlin and only visit the sim if you will spend the time you are there in the cell.
You will also have to pay a 15000L$ fine.

These are the maximum possible punishments, it may also be decided to give you a lower punishment depending on the situation but know that you may receive something as heavy as what you read above.
In the end it of course all depends on the situation.

Just don't carry or use a gun in 1920s Berlin without realising the risks you run.
We are not a 'Wild West' or '1920s Chigago gangsters' sim and will not allow people walking around with guns and shooting them unless there is a VERY good roleplay motivated realistic scenario.
And even then those involved can receive a punishment.
We base our response on history, you will be treated as you would have been treated by the Berlin Law in late 1920s Berlin.



Another interesting note I found in the same place was that dying in Berlin can get you permanently banned.

- If you die in Berlin, you risk being banned forever!
Of course this only happens if the situation is realistic and not just some crazy griefer shooting the place up. But, if you roleplay death, you may have to sacrifice your avatar, as dead people can no longer walk the Berlin streets.

- The police force is mainly in Berlin to maintain order, and to enforce real sim rules. They may not be interested in taking part in roleplay.
Please keep this in mind when contacting them for a roleplay situation.

       This is a sim with a lot of possibilities - if you're looking for another place for serious immersive roleplay, come and try it out! 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Other places to play

  Today, still taking a break from Deadwood, I visited a newer Western sim, Cedar Creek in Red Cedar /501/  I'm exploring places where children are welcome to role play, as well as other western sims.  This one looks like a winner!

Owner Gretchen Janick reports that they have been #3 in the Showcase of roleplay sims, and the only Western sim in the top 10.

   The welcome area is clearly set up - necessary things are easy to find by clicking on tastefully decorated boxes.  Shortly after I arrived, Gretchen popped in and helped me with the group invite.  Note that your avatar must be 30 days old in order for you to be invited, although you can shop in the surrounding area (Native American goods are found, along with Western clothing, guns, and other items.)

You receive an explanation of the history of Cedar Creek, Meter explanations and such.   The rules are fairly simply and clearly stated; most are familiar to those who have role played in any western sim.

Noteworthy:  child avatars are allowed (no use of guns and children may not be harmed in any way); human avatars only; native americans are welcome; slavery is not allowed; chat logs should be included in any complaints.

A couple of my favorites from the rules (as someone who has been an admin, I loved these!)

"  During the Victorian era were no mini skirts, belly freetops, bling, tennis shoes, combat boots, camouflage suits, t-shirts, high heels or fur bikinis to name a few."

and this clear explanation of what happens if you break rules:

Rule Enforcement:
1st offense – Verbal Warning
2nd offense – 3 day ban from Cedar Creek
3rd offense – Permanent Ban

There are also free clothing for men, women and Native Americans.  I helped myself to all since you never known what you might want to mix and match!

Free Men's outfit includes a hat,  shirt, pants and shoes
Free Woman's outfit includes blouse, belt, skirt and glitch pants
     Free Native American outfit includes Buckskin Top, Moccasins, Pants and Skirt (for woman) 

The sim was decorated for the American Memorial Day week-end when I arrived, but very tastefully, nothing to take away from the historical feeling of the sim which is set in Cedar Creek, a fictionalized town set in the western frontier region of Oklahoma Territory circa 1890's.  The territory is occupied by the Chickasaw and Cherokee peoples, in addition to white settlers who are moving in to the area.

I spent some time wandering through the sim - the town area is compact, with a saloon, jail, cafe, general store and doc's office.  Most of the buildings were decent - I would have done away with the red cross over the medical building and the clearly visible line dance pose balls in the saloon - but other than that, it seemed a good start for the beginnings of a small town.  (Janick told me the flags, and I assume the pole shown in the picture above, were only up for Memorial Day).

The general store had quality guns by a familiar vendor - L. Mortlock & Company.

  The information you receive explains  "As you enter Cedar Creek, what is apparent are the mountains of red sandstone, which stand in the distance dominating the sky line. Oklahoma Territory itself stands to one side of the Great Plains....Just to the south are the Wichita Mountains, granite outcrops surrounded by lush grazing land."  
Indeed, you find exactly that and more!

I trekked out further and found several houses tucked into spots all over - the history explains this to you.

"With the Homestead act of 1862 came the settlers.  This act allowed individuals to claim 160 acres of land for settlement, so long as it was occupied and improved by the settler. At high noon on the 22nd of April, 1889, fifty thousand people, among them Niko and Gretchen Janick, lined up waiting for the cannon that would signal the largest reclamation of land in history. The Janick Family discovered a small valley with a creek running through it, dotted by majestic cedars.  The beauty of the area struck the couple and they soon saw the potential and laid claim. Within a year small settlement sprang up, a few buildings, a stock yard. Then the people came ."

The land in the sim is truly beautiful - in addition to the dry red sandstone, you will find trees, streams, waterfalls and a river -- and there are homesteads available. 1,000L a week will buy you 300 prims to fill with historical style buildings, animals, plants, gardens.

The Sheriff's House

I found myself by a gorgeous waterfall .. peaceful, yes? (except for a rather out of place commercially laid out fishing set offer which I didn't show in the photo)...

but just to my right, over the hill and around the corner is the Native American area...

This is also explained in the hand out you receive about the History of Cedar Creek:

" Prior to 1831 the western area of the Territory was largely unoccupied except for the buffalo and a few small tribes of Native Americans. This changed with the passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which lead to the dispossession of thousands of Cherokee, Chocktaw, Muscogee and Seminoles from their tribal lands in the southeast. These Native peoples were marched by force northwest to Oklahoma Territory. A small village of Cherokee, founded by Standing Bear and Beloved Woman Lozen, stands to the northeast of town as a testament to the descendants of the repatriation of the Indian Nations along the "Trail of Tears".  Fifteen thousand Cherokee were moved from their tribal and ancestral home; an estimated 4,000 never reached their final destination."

I'll return another time in Native American avatar to check this out more closely - a quick look through showed a lot of huge tipis and some very realistic looking activities - weaving, beading, grinding and such. 

Because I visited on Memorial Day week-end, there were relatively few players in town - my intent is to go back mid week for another visit.  I was impressed with the care taken in laying out the history, the rules, and the sim itself.

If you are looking for a Western sim to check out as an addition to your favorite, I'd suggest giving this new sim a chance.   The welcoming area is also a good place to shop!
They don't yet have a forum, but members get a notecard with Events listed, and you can find them also in Search.  Below are Upcoming Events as of this posting:

Saturday 05/29/2010  11:00AM SLT - 1:00PM SLT
"Ballroom Blitz"
Live DJ
Contest "Best in Outlaw Gear"

Saturday 06/05/2010  11:00AM SLT - 1:00PM SLT
"Tarts and Vicars"
Live DJ
Contest "Best Tart" & "Best Vicar"

Saturday 06/12/2010  11:00AM SLT - 1:00PM SLT
"Get Lei'd"
Live DJ
Contest "Best in Hula"

Saturday 06/19/2010  11:00AM SLT - 1:00PM SLT
"Costume Party"
Live DJ
Contest "Best Costume"

Friday, May 28, 2010

Traveling in SL

Times in Deadwood have been slow so I've been traveling around a bit - mostly listening to live music in a couple of places.   Nice way to meet people and get stuff done (like rl laundry, dusting, etc.) There are some excellent live musicians in SL - nothing better to soothe, excite or entertain than listening to real music. During the day, I have the Brits - at night, all kinds of Americas to choose from -- give it a try if you haven't!

If you like the blues, I have to recommend trying out The Cottonfield Stage at Mississippi Delta Blues.

While waiting  for the show to start, I took a ride on a train that goes around the sim, popping off a couple of times to wander around.  You're right on the water, of course, so you can go down and do a little lazy fishing or try to boat (I wasn't very successful).  Set in the 1940's Mississippi Delta Blues,  before the live show starts, blues music is filtered in.
Dancing to the music of Jimmyt49

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On the use of alts....


When will I ever learn to keep my questions to myself? Probably never -- this post was originally created because the topic raised questions in my head, and also with a friend of mine who was quite morally outraged about the original topic posted below.   After we debated the topic for some time, I thought it might be clearer to post my thoughts here.  My intent was to raise a rhetorical question, not start some sort of in-world war with anyone.

It was not my intent to pick on anyone, to start a war, to set myself up as someone who does no wrong and who is passing judgment on someone else.  Unfortunately,  I seem to have done just that.

However, I'm not going to remove this post -- I wrote it with the intent of raising questions, not pointing fingers - it doesn't name names and I don't believe it even passes judgments.

Friends (Quakers) call this type of questioning 'queries' - things we ask ourselves, more than we ask them of others.  Usually if a query causes us unease, it means we need to dig deeper within ourselves to discover why, rather than looking toward others  - Matthew 7.3 comes to mind.

(And yes - the unexpected and unpublished here responses to this post have caused me to ask myself some of my own queries about myself,  how I interact with others and what I might do to improve that without having to shut my mouth when an interesting question comes up).

******The Original Post is Below **************

Oh my..... while I love my alts (those who deserve it, of course)..   I sometimes find the uses people make of their own alts are sometimes quite imaginative and ... sometimes questionable.  Heck, I question my own sanity in the use of my alts...

In Deadwood 1.0,  when one of my alts, Lola, was happily married to J.F. Kanto, one of our adopted children, Jessica, was played by me.  It just made things easier -- there was no doubting whether or not Jessica would show up if we needed her, or if she'd agree or disagree to our storyline.

Currently I have an alt who is both a "steady customer" and a love interest for Lola in role play.   He also comes in handy when trying out dances and other pose balls that require two.  And he  has an alt as a staff member - she's always there when he needs her, and she doesn't have to worry about losing her job.

It can get complicated -- there have been times when I've had arguments with myself - Marrant as an adult competed with Lola for the affections of JF, and even shot her -- and then there are those times when you really need a couple of those alts to be in the same place at the same time.

And yes, I hide some alts -- sometimes an alt is an escape from others, a way to be somebody different, a chance to be bratty or mean or stupid or bigoted or ... many things.  

But what made me start pondering this wasn't really the use of alts in roleplay, but the use of them in marketing yourself, when I stumbled upon someone who appeared to be using a secret alt as a kind of a promotional tool.  My first thought, of course, was "why didn't I think of that?" - but my second thought was - "um... "

Now, I am an admitted "marketeer" (is that term still in use?) from way back.  Even in real life, I'm always finding ways to promote things.  But I have to confess, I have some very mixed feelings about the use of alts to market oneself unless it's done on the up and up. 
Is it merely clever marketing to have an alt who reviews the very products you sell, even if they also kindly review those of others?

Does it even matter?  No one is being harmed, no money being taken away.  At least, it's a method of advertising that does no harm; at worst, its a bit of deception not unfamiliar in Second Life, or real life come to think of it.

Because, of course, this is only Second Life - it's only a game.   And yet... it does bring cause for reflection especially when on the main blog, thanks are given to the alt for the praises one has received from oneself.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thoughts on roleplaying - beyond the rules

         Boy, it's being an educational week or two for me as I learn more about what "role play" means to me.   I'm venturing out into Second Life, from the virtual safety of Deadwood  to find fellow role players and writers.  I've looked into role playing groups, and I'm even taking a class in role play (well, one of my alts is) that will get me some kind of certificate showing I'm serious.  
        It's hard to find good role play partners, though not hard to find good people with whom to role play (I don't like my participles to dangle).   I figure, as is often true in real life, if you're looking for partners, sometimes you need to expand your horizons.   Part of that for me has turned out to be finding ways to improve my role play.
           When I first started in early Sept 2007, I had no idea what role play in a virtual world was.  Oh, yeah.. I'd acted and loved that back in high school and a bit beyond, even doing a little directing.  And I've been a writer for years.
             I have no memory of how I found Deadwood - I don't think I'd even watched the show as I don't have HBO.   But somehow I was on the stagecoach and ended up there, and there I still am hoping it never disappears, but knowing I had best have some other places ready in case it does.
              In my early days, I had no idea of the "basic rules" of role play and had to learn them the hard way (by making mistakes).  What I'm finding now is a need to go beyond the rules and etiquette of Role playing -- both are important and have been nicely addressed in other places and in classes.
             What I need is a way to discover, nurture and enjoy my particular style of role play - which I think is some combination of straight dialogue and blogging - para without the paragraphs within the context of the role play itself. 
        The first time I heard someone doing para role play, I reacted as if I was hearing someone speak in tongues.  Seemed alien, strange and not my style. And yet... I do like the writing that goes into it, the history and background, the descriptive inner thoughts.  For me, I think I just want that to be tucked away somewhere - in another place,not in open chat -- (have I mentioned I'm an INFP?)  where others can read it if they want.  Of course, that won't work for everyone - that may only work for me.  But it gives me some kind of thrill.      
            I love developing new characters, participating with others in role play, talking in sentences with dialect and usually with humor.   There's room for improvement on my emoting - descriptive sentences that describe what my character is thinking or doing, rather than actual dialogue.  I haven't used emoting a lot, fearing I will wake up one day and find myself para role playing all over.
             In my research, I was startled to find there are role players who write up much of their dialog ahead of time - I thought you had to do it as you went - so I'll give some thought to that though I have no idea how you would make that work with a partner.   
               I've nothing against writing, in fact I love it!  My former partner and I used to write little scenes to each other, complete with dialogue -though we didn't use it as a script, it was just for fun. I love writing so one of my plans for improving my role playing is to work more on my writing.  Tying that into role play through the use of blogs as I love to take a  piece of role play chat with others and turn it into a little story.   Fictionalizing a role play chat even more!
              This is fun, exploring what works for me.The more I wander around, digging into things, the more I realize there's a whole lot of different kinds of role play going on. And personally, I don't think one is better than the other.  Past understanding the rules and etiquette, it's essential for me to know how to write about my characters, doing a little research and contemplation, digging within, then asking myself what kind of role playing fits me best, how can I get better, where can I find me some more people and places and time to role play?

A role play with a child from the past...

« on: September 10, 2008, 10:08:53 AM »

I do miss Mrs. Bedlam, who played in DW 1.0, which is where this role play came from.   It was fun for both and I think a good example of how adults and children can do a role play with meaning in a sim where you'd think there was no place for children.  It's always so wonderful when adult avatars "get it"!

[20:32]  Grey Bedlam smiles at the little girl as she walks down the street. "Hello."
[20:33]   Elizabeth smiles
[20:33]   Elizabeth Vita:  Hello
[20:33]  Grey Bedlam: How are you doing today?
[20:33]   Elizabeth Vita shrugs
[20:34]   Elizabeth Vita: I'm waiting for CarrieAnne, but I think she's mad at me
[20:34]   Elizabeth Vita sighs:  She never wants to play anymore
[20:34]  Grey Bedlam: Well, that's no good. Why would she be mad at you?
[20:34]   Elizabeth Vita:  I don't know
[20:35]  Grey Bedlam purses her lips and taps them with a finger in thought. "I see... and why doesn't she want to play anymore?"
[20:36]   Elizabeth Vita:  I don't know... maybe she's got chores
[20:36]   Elizabeth Vita sighs:  Since she turned ten she's been busy
[20:36]   Elizabeth Vita:  I'm only nine
[20:36]  Grey Bedlam nods. "Well, having chores never stopped me from wanting to play... Sometimes it made me not able to play. Oh, I see... well, it's a big change. When is your birthday?"
[20:37]   Elizabeth Vita:  September 22nd
[20:37]  Grey Bedlam: Well, that's not too far off.
[20:37]   Elizabeth Vita:  I might be dead by then..people die every day and you never knows when it might be your turn
[20:39]  Grey Bedlam frowns, shocked by the child's view of mortality. She nods a little though. "While that's true, you could live for another fifty years." She pauses. "I was just learning French when I was your age. Do you speak French?"
[20:40]   Elizabeth Vita nods:  Me and Carrie Anne was learning it from Miss Astolat
[20:41]   A little tear trickles down Elizabeth Vita's check and she wipes it off
[20:41]   Elizabeth Vita:  We learnt how to say bon jour and au voir
[20:41]   Elizabeth Vita: Do you know how to say chicken in French?
[20:42]  Grey Bedlam smiles "I know how to say many things. One of them is a phrase the French use... la joie de la vie. Do you know what that means?"
[20:42]   Elizabeth Vita shakes her head no
[20:44]  Grey Bedlam leans in and hands the girl a lace handkerchief. "Chin up, darling. It means 'The joy of life'. The French have a philosophy that life is filled with little pleasures and it is an honor to find them where you can. Nothing is ever all bad. There's always something good in everything."
[20:44]   Elizabeth Vita sniffles and takes the handkerchief, using it to pat at some tears
[20:45]   Elizabeth Vita:   Jonathon is mad at me too, we had a fight
[20:45]   Elizabeth Vita:  Now I don't have any friends
[20:45]   Elizabeth Vita:  I don't know if that's good
[20:46]  Grey Bedlam smiles. "For instance, if CarrieAnne was available to play, we wouldn't be talking, and I wouldn't be able to meet you." She makes a little frown. "What did you fight about? Oh, you have friends. Friends fight all the time, but what makes them friends is eventually not being mad at each other anymore."
[20:47]  Grey Bedlam taps the tip of her own nose and smiles. "and I'd be honored to be your friend."
[20:47]   Elizabeth Vita gulps down a tear or two:  He was real mad cause he told me I eat baby chickens and I said I do not
[20:47]   Elizabeth Vita smiles at the lady:  thank you...
[20:47]   Elizabeth Vita:  I'm Elizabeth Vita
[20:47]  Grey Bedlam: My name is Grey Bedlam.
[20:47]  Grey Bedlam: Why'd he say you eat baby chickens?
[20:48]   Elizabeth Vita:   I told him I do not eat meat and he said I do because I eat eggs and eggs is baby chickens and Carrie Anne said eggs are not baby chickens til they are fert'lied
[20:49]  Grey Bedlam: Carrie Anne is right... but boys are funny. I will tell you a secret about them if you'd like.
[20:49]   Elizabeth Vita looks up
[20:50]  Grey Bedlam leans in to whisper.
[20:50]   Elizabeth Vita blinks
[20:51]  Grey Bedlam: Boys don't like to ever be wrong, especially when a girl is the one that corrects them. Sometimes you have to let them think they're right. They get intimidated by girls that are smarter than they are.
[20:51]   Elizabeth Vita smiles
[20:51]  Grey Bedlam smiles and leans back, still half-crouched to be on the child's eye level.
[20:52]  Grey Bedlam: Besides, I'm sure there's a book in the library about it.
[20:52]   Elizabeth Vita doubts it in this century
[20:53]  Grey Bedlam thinks you're probably right... at least here.... hmmm....
[20:55]  Grey Bedlam chuckles. "The general rule is to not argue with them. If you know you're right, state it, and then if they start to argue, walk away. " She winks conspiratorialy.
[20:55]   Elizabeth Vita thinks about that:  But .. but then they think they sooo smart
[20:55]   Elizabeth Vita:  Jonathon gets bossy
[20:56]  Grey Bedlam: Let the boy rationalize it to himself if he can... If you seem confidant in your knowledge enough to display that his opinion means nothing to you, then you win.
[20:57]  Grey Bedlam: It's the ladylike way to win an argument. Don't let him fluster you, smile prettily at him and then ignore him. You can't be bossed by someone you ignore. Eventually he'll get tired of it and stop... or do something silly and make himself look stupid.
[20:57]   Elizabeth Vita sighs
[20:57]   Elizabeth Vita:  How come women can't just be the bosses?
[20:57]  Grey Bedlam taps her temple. "Boys are bigger and stronger, but girls are more clever." She chuckles again. "Besides, give him time and he'll be following you around like a lost puppy."
[20:58]  Grey Bedlam smiles. "Oh, we are. We just let the boys think they are. It makes them happy."
[20:58]   Elizabeth Vita:  We have a club called the Boys Club Run by Girls and we boss them around, and they don't even know it
[20:59]   Elizabeth Vita lip quivers a bit:  Me and Carrie Anne started it
[20:59]  Grey Bedlam laughs behind her hand. "You're very clever girls. Boys and men won't do anything to offend a lady unless they're uncouth--and if they are, the other boys and men sort them out on their own. Jonathan is probably just too young to know the rules yet."
[21:00]   Elizabeth Vita:   We have a chicken for a pet but we want to name it Lady Whatever Chicken is in French only we don't know what French is for chicken
[21:00]   Elizabeth Vita:   It's our club pet
[21:00]  Grey Bedlam reaches a hand out to pat the child's hair. "Oh, Elizabeth, dear... don't fuss. I'll bet that Carrie Anne isn't mad at you. I bet it's just that she's older now so has more chores and things to do."
[21:01]   Elizabeth Vita swallows down her tears again and nods, sniffling and dabbing with the handkerchief
[21:01]   Elizabeth Vita blows her nose and then holds out the handkerchief to the lady:  Thank you
[21:03]  Grey Bedlam waves it back to the girl. "Consider it a gift." She chuckles softly. "The word for Chicken is 'Poulet'."
[21:05]   Elizabeth Vita smiles:  Oh, thank you... Lady Poulet
[21:05]   Elizabeth Vita smiles a little:  I'll tell CarrieAnne.. if..when I see her again
[21:06]   Elizabeth Vita:   Thank you Miss Bedlam
[21:06]   Elizabeth Vita:  I gotta goin now
[21:06]  Grey Bedlam: When, dear. When. Remember, Joie de la vie. With the joy of life. Think about it the next time to see or do things. Even the littlest things, nothing is without value. You are quite welcome, Elizabeth.
[21:06]  Grey Bedlam: It was a pleasure speaking with you.
[21:07]   Elizabeth Vita stands and  smiles
[21:07]   Elizabeth Vita:  Do you work around here?
[21:08]   Elizabeth Vita slides the handkerchief in her pocket
[21:08]  Grey Bedlam: Yes, I keep the ledgers neat at the Gem. I also might be coming to help with your schooling soon.
[21:08]   Elizabeth Vita: Ohhh, that's good... *smiles*  I like school
[21:09]  Grey Bedlam smiles again. "I'm not surprised.."
[21:10]   Elizabeth Vita:  Good night ma'am
[21:10]   Elizabeth Vita:  Thank you again for.. being my friend and all
[21:10]  Grey Bedlam: Good night, Elizabeth. Sleep well.