Monday, April 19, 2010

Those Soiled Doves

Oh, yes... there are soiled doves in Deadwood 2.0 - at least four prospective houses / saloons opening up!  There's Trixie's down by the butcher's shop, the beginnings of the Bella Union toward where you come into town, Cooper's Tent somewhere in the middle and Daisy's Phoenix.   And that don't even count the independent women working out of tents and cabins.

  Seems the big rush of  girls due to arrive hasn't  happened yet.  There was lively and lengthy discussion on the Deadwood 1.0    forum, started up by our own very respectable (um, I think) Madam DuFaux, about why there just weren't enough regular saloon girls /parlor girls in town.  Consensus seemed to be that there was confusion amongst typists about whether or not the "working girls" were really doing some IM "working" -- was it role play or sex for Lindens in IC?

In addition, we had an unrealistic amount of proper ladies in DW 1  many of whom took to hanging around the saloons as if they were tea shops.     I plead guilty to being one who started a "Ladies of Deadwood" group, for the *nose up in air* proper business women and ladies of Deadwood (Madams were included, but not their *ahem* employees).  And it appears a similar group has started in DW 2.0.

Of course, ladies gotta be in Deadwood and not everyone can play a Madam or prostitute, a saloon or parlor girl.  

But lots of effort is going into making the new Deadwood more like the old Deadwood, where the men were men and most of the women early on were outright whores.  Possibly entertainers or saloon girls, but they weren't exactly "ladies".   Still, there was a great happiness on the part of the miners at the arrival of the prostitutes and there was no proper middle class set that would have frowned upon these girls.  They would have been part of the rather rowdy and unruly community.  And in fact, prostitution in Deadwood stayed on long after the Gold Rush ended - "No city ordinance was ever passed to outlaw the practice, despite state laws forbidding prostitution. Several months before the l980 raid the police chief defended non-enforcement of state law."   Note that that's NINETEEN 80, not EIGHTEEN 80.

In an effort to support and encourage those who would like to role play doves, a group has been started by Daisy Stratten and Lolaraine McGinnis - invitations will be sent out but anyone who is playing a shady lady should contact one of them if an invitation hasn't been received.   No men allowed ~   Loose women unite!

Questions and discussion might include - how far can you go in open chat role playing?  How can you make it clear to your 'customers' that this is role play?   How do you make it clear to other typists that this is role play - you aren't .. uh....   And what happens if real SL "escorts" come in and want to make money - how can we help them put role play first?   The group can talk amongst itself!

Here's a good sampling of some excellent role play only hanky panky going on that plays a scene without crossing any lines.
[17:16]  BlackJack Landar turns and sees a stunning redhead and smiles....Hello Miss.
[17:16]  Lillian Tomsen looks around and arches a brow at Copper "This all they is? Ain't losin' yer touch are ya, Copper?"
[17:16]  Lillian Tomsen turns to the man who addressed her and offers up a honeyed smile as she sashays closer "well hello there, if you ain't 'bout the finest specimen of a man I ever did see..."
[17:17]  BlackJack Landar holds up a finger....whiskey if you please.
[17:17]  BlackJack Landar smiles back....My dear Miss, I must say you take my breath away.
[17:18]  Lillian Tomsen rests her arm atop your shoulder and leans in, moistening her lips "Name's Lil, and you gotme gaspin a bit m'self...reckon you could feel of m'heart and see if itsa beatin alright?"
[17:18]  BlackJack Landar pulls out several coins.....This will cover her drink as well.
[17:18]  Lillian Tomsen draws in a deep breath, forcing her already ample chest out even furthery.
[17:18]  Lillian Tomsen: aww now you're a sweet one, too..nice t'see a gentleman.
[17:19]  Lillian Tomsen leans up and whispers in his ear, flicking her tongue along the lobe "I swanee, if you ain't handsome"
[17:19]  BlackJack Landar smiles.....My dear, I think you and I will become very good friends.
[17:20]  BlackJack Landar slips his arm around her waist pulling her in close.
[17:20]  Lillian Tomsen presses up against him with a smile as she reaches for the drink and tosses it back, offering up a deep moan as he pulls her closer "I think you may be right"
[17:20]  BlackJack Landar picks up the drink and tosses it back as well.....
[17:21]  BlackJack Landar looks down into her face.....You know, you remind me of someone I knew once down Texas way.
[17:22]  Lillian Tomsen rolls around in his grasp to the front of him, looking up in challenge "well I always was fond of a Texan feller? They say everythangs bigger in Texas.."
[17:22]  Lillian Tomsen leans up and traces the outline of his mouth with her tongue as she whispers "reckon thats so?"
[17:23]  BlackJack Landar smiles....Not originally, but I been around a bit
[17:23]  Lillian Tomsen lowers her face and looks up at you through thick coal painted lashes "well I ain't one t'hold bein' worldly against a man. Fact.."
[17:23]  BlackJack Landar leans down and nuzzles the side of her neck and then whispers in her ear.....perhaps we can find more private quarters to discuss our transaction.
[17:24]  Lillian Tomsen runs her hands down your chest as she surveys you "I reckon i kinda like that quality"
[17:24]  Lillian Tomsen looks up with a wink "Don't waste no time, I like that, too"
[17:24]  BlackJack Landar grins....Life is too short to waste.
[17:24]  Lillian Tomsen leans around the man and nods to Copper
[17:25]  Lillian Tomsen: Tell you what, why don't you an' me take us a little walk?
[17:25]  Lillian Tomsen chuckles at the man's exclamation "not yet but directly"
[17:25]  BlackJack Landar: I think that is a splendid idea my dear. The language here is a bit course.
[17:25]  Lillian Tomsen winks up at the man
[17:26]  Lillian Tomsen: oh yes and I'm a lady of tenderness...
[17:26]  BlackJack Landar frowns back at the man.
[17:26]  Lillian Tomsen presses her hips against him
[17:27]  BlackJack Landar lets his hand slide up her spine.....
[17:27]  BlackJack Landar: Now where are you from Lil?
[17:27]  Lillian Tomsen reaches for his belt and runs her fingertips down the front of his pants "daylight's wastin"
[17:27]  BlackJack Landar: Well lets get going then my dear. I hate to waste time.
[17:28]  Lillian Tomsen turns and walks towards the front of the tent, swaying her hips seductively as she tosses back her hair and winks
[17:28]  BlackJack Landar walks behind her enjoying the the view
[17:29]  Lillian Tomsen walks around and reads the signs "you up for a challenge? Docs place looks empty"
[17:30]  BlackJack Landar: I enjoy a challenge Miss Lil.
[17:30]  Lillian Tomsen looks about the room with eagle eyes as she spots a large jug on the desk and turns with a twinkle in her eye
[17:30]  Lillian Tomsen: and I enjoy a real man for a change
[17:31]  Lillian Tomsen steps closer to you and runs her fingertips beneath your lapels, gripping and pulling you close in a swift movement
[17:31]  BlackJack Landar grins....Now you are talking my dear. I do enjoy a quality woman.
[17:31]  BlackJack Landar slips his arms around her waist looking down at her
[17:31]  Lillian Tomsen leans up with parted lips "we shoulda brought more whiskey, I just love the taste of whiskey on a man's lips"
[17:36]  Lillian Tomsen reaches down and tugs at the front of his pants "Feller, you better disarm so's i kin git to the gun i'ma aimin' for
[17:37]  BlackJack Landar reaches down to unbuckle the gunbelt.
[17:37]  Lillian Tomsen takes note of how expensive his guns look and mentally begins guessing how much he has on him as she presses her lips to his and delves in with a small hot tongue
[17:38]  BlackJack Landar reaches over and drops the rig on the boxes
[17:39]  Lillian Tomsen smiles as she tugs him back towards the desk, talking with her lips still against his "Reckon you're man enough to handle old Lil?"
[17:39]  BlackJack Landar returns the kiss, his own tongue moving to meet hers...
[17:39]  BlackJack Landar smiles....I think you are about to find out.
[17:39]  Lillian Tomsen feels the desk against her backside and hopes up on it, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him closer to her
[17:40]  Lillian Tomsen reaches behind her for the jug and gets a white knuckle grip on it
[17:40]  BlackJack Landar kisses her harder as her presses against her.
[17:41]  Lillian Tomsen moans as the kiss deepens, trying not to think about how damn handsome he is as she brings the bottle up and down hard towards his head
[17:42]  BlackJack Landar drops to one knee from the hit, eyes watering, he looks up.....
[17:42]  Lillian Tomsen looks down at him and leans down, pressing her mouth hungrily to his as she twists her tongue around his once more and brings the bottle down again
[17:44]  BlackJack Landar presss back up to her grabbing the wrist with the jug ...
[17:44]  BlackJack Landar squeezes the wrist unmercifully hard...
[17:45]  Lillian Tomsen widens her eyes in confusion and gasps as he squeezes her wrist, falling to her knees with a yelp
[17:45]  BlackJack Landar looks down at her as he holds her wrist, the pulls her up.
[17:46]  Lillian Tomsen jerks away as he pulls her to her feet, setting her jaw in anger "feller if'n you know whats good for ya.."
[17:46]  BlackJack Landar unslings his shotgun....If I know whats good for me?
[17:47]  BlackJack Landar: My dear, you do not know who you are dealing with do you?
[17:47]  Lillian Tomsen steps away and narrows her eyes, flipping open her skirt and drawing a derringer from her garter belt to point at him with eyes of fire "well then, I reckon we're both of like situations in that respect"
[17:49]  BlackJack Landar looks at the little derringer and grins.....Lilian, I think you and I are one of a kind. I have plans to get rich. Maybe you would like to be part of it?
[17:50]  Lillian Tomsen arches a brow and offers a half smile and uncocks her gun "I'm listenin'"


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