Thursday, February 25, 2010

It ain't easy being a kid

It isn't easy being a kid in a town where a lot of the action happens in places where children wouldn't normally be... we have to find ways to explain why we're where we are without seeming too unrealistic.

As in real life, if you're trying to play a realistic kid, you're bound to be ignored for awhile - and you're also bound to be lucky enough to find some adults who tolerate you.

Here's a little piece of roleplay from this evening. Mind you, the adults had better things to do than pay attention to children. My friend Rachel Kungler and I were hanging around outside the bar areas after an exciting evening that involved a shooting contest -- I'd arrived at the end of that. We messed around for awhile, but like kids, we got bored. The adults had all gone off, mostly to the Bella. The winner of the contest, Badger Bagley, was supposed to be buying
drinks for everyone.

(Picture of Elizabeth and Alice in the orphanage)

Hmm...well, Rachel had been in the contest. We therefore should be included in "everyone". We were thirsty. While Rachel stood and rolled a barrel around the front of the Bella, Elizabeth took toddler Alice (a prim doll, very cute - and hey, it's no weirder for me to be babysitting a toddler from the orphanage than it is for adult avatars to be nursing prim infants!) and stood in the door of the Bella. We know we can't just walk in. The adults were inside, talking about boring adult stuff as they will do.

Anyone role playing a kid must remember to be patient! It took a few minutes to be noticed...

[20:30] Morrigu Berry: Rod, you've been most like a brother here for me; I'm going to miss you plenty.
[20:30] Carlton Strathearn: - Nods -
[20:30] Rod Eun: Yes Ma'am.. I'll miss ya too Morri.. I wish ya the best of luck
[20:30] Elizabeth Vita: stands in the doorway looking in
[20:31] Morrigu Berry: I expect you'll keep in touch - you hear?
[20:31] Rod Eun gives her a nice hug.. "you be safe now"
[20:31] Salissa Wilder: take good care of that baby
[20:31] Elizabeth Vita: stares
[20:31] Rod Eun: I'll do my best.. though letter writin' is not my strong suit.. *chuckles
[20:31] Rachel OHare tips a barrel over and shoves it with her foot
[20:32] Rod Eun: But do send word when ya arrive
[20:32] Morrigu Berry: My boys are my biggest priority now... and I talked to Clay about Jo's custody Rod...
[20:32] Rod Eun: Jo's custody?
[20:32] Elizabeth Vita: shuffles her feet while holding Alice's hand
[20:32] Morrigu Berry: if Francine approaches you about legally adopting her -
[20:32] Morrigu Berry: I'm good with that. She deserves happyness.
[20:32] Rod Eun: I coulda swore I heard her call Miss Fran mom..
[20:32] Rachel OHare: Oooooooh Ohhhhh *balances carefully*
[20:32] Morrigu Berry: She did
[20:32] Morrigu Berry: it was a bit of a surprise to me
[20:32] Rod Eun: Alright.. that'll be no problem
[20:33] Elizabeth Vita: clears her throat and wipes her nose on her sleeve
[20:33] Morrigu Berry: but her happiness and well being has always been a priority
[20:33] Rod Eun: Well, she's had to go through a lot
[20:33] Morrigu Berry: anyhow - I need to get home.
[20:33] Morrigu Berry: Be well all - Mr Strathearn, you too.
[20:33] Rachel OHare clutches the log rail and inches forward
[20:33] Rod Eun: You take care then Morri and have a good trip... *nods again
[20:33] Carlton Strathearn: - Nods and sips his bourbon wishing it had more ice -
[20:33] Elizabeth Vita: shifts from one foot to the other
[20:33] Carlton Strathearn: - Shakes his glass towards the bar lady -
[20:34] Morrigu Berry smiles at Elizabeth
[20:34] Elizabeth Vita: moves out of the Doc's way
[20:34] Salissa Wilder: smiles... travel well morri
[20:34] Rod Eun watches the Doc leave, and see's Liz in the door way
[20:34] Elizabeth Vita: moves back into the doorway
[20:34] Elizabeth Vita: stands there staring quietly
[20:35] Rod Eun: hmm.. well ain't that something..
[20:35] Salissa Wilder: hello Elizabeth...what are you up to honey?
[20:35] Elizabeth Vita: blinks: Mister Bagley was buying drinks
[20:35] Rod Eun turns and looks again
[20:35] Rachel OHare pitches face first off the barrel
[20:35] Salissa Wilder: oh?
[20:35] Rachel OHare: Dang it
[20:35] Elizabeth Vita: me and Alice and Rachel is thirsty
[20:35] Rod Eun chuckles
[20:35] Elizabeth Vita: is Mister Bagley here?
[20:36] Rod Eun: Well, if they is allowed.. I can cover their drinks Sal... since Badger has run off somewheres
[20:36] Salissa Wilder: looks out the door...well I think he splintered off, but Ive some lemonade if you dont tell anyone
[20:36] Salissa Wilder: waves them in
[20:37] Elizabeth Vita: curtsies without smiling much: Thank you ma'm
[20:37] Salissa Wilder: don't tell your Mrs. Streeter though, she'll shoot me between the eyes
[20:37] Elizabeth Vita: Come on Alice, Rachel! Lemonade!
[20:37] Carlton Strathearn: Least they aren't armed like the mayors daughter
[20:37] Rachel OHare watches Elizabeth and Alice
[20:37] Carlton Strathearn: thats one dangerous kid
[20:37] Elizabeth Vita: motions Rachel
[20:37] Elizabeth Vita: stares at the man
[20:37] Rod Eun: She was in a shoot out before.. during Wild Bill days i think
[20:38] Elizabeth Vita: whispers to Rachel: do you know him?
[20:38] Carlton Strathearn: Oh she still lives..... - He trails off sipping his drink -
[20:38] Elizabeth Vita: whispers: he says you was armed
[20:38] Rachel OHare: Not anymore *frowns*
[20:38] Rachel OHare: They was short one in the contest
[20:38] Salissa Wilder: chuckles at the little girls and puts out two glasses of lemonade
[20:38] Elizabeth Vita: stares at the man some more, then shrugs and takes Alice by the hand and moves toward the bar
[20:39] Elizabeth Vita: can Alice just have a small one?
[20:39] Salissa Wilder: don't tell your ma's and pas I let you in here, alright?
[20:39] Elizabeth Vita: points at a shot glass
[20:39] Salissa Wilder: sure why not...grins filling a shot glass with lemonade
[20:39] Elizabeth Vita: if she drinks too much she pees all over
[20:39] Rachel OHare stares at the red curtains and fancy furniture in the adjacent room
[20:40] Rod Eun: Well.. then give her just a little then...
[20:40] Carlton Strathearn: -Tries to smile at the kids -
[20:40] Elizabeth Vita: takes the small lemonade and carefully hands it to Alice, who stares at it before taking itand spills half of it on her shoes
[20:40] Rachel OHare takes the glass and keeps looking at the other room as she sips
[20:40] Elizabeth Vita: sighs and mops up the mess on Alice's shoes with her slip
[20:41] Elizabeth Vita stands up: it's all pretty in here
[20:41] Salissa Wilder: chuckles
[20:41] Salissa Wilder: well thank you
[20:41] Elizabeth Vita: It doesn't look like a gateway to hell at all
[20:41] Rod Eun at the little spill.. "well, could have been worse.. "
[20:41] Salissa Wilder: maybe one day if you work hard enough, you'll have a place like this... grins at the men
[20:41] Salissa Wilder: hands the girl a cloth
[20:41] Elizabeth Vita: takes the cloth
[20:41] Rod Eun nods to Sal and smiles.. "indeed"
[20:41] Elizabeth Vita: thank you ma'am
[20:41] Rachel OHare: The curtains loook like flames
[20:42] Rod Eun: Though I reckon Rachel will be running the Gem..
[20:42] Elizabeth Vita: hmm...
[20:42] Carlton Strathearn: God kills a kitten every time you spill milk you know..
[20:42] Elizabeth Vita: Teacher said this was a den of in.. in...quity
[20:42] Elizabeth Vita: well that was lemonade...
[20:42] Rod Eun: a den of inequity?
[20:42] Elizabeth Vita: pats Alice who looks about to cry at the man's words
[20:42] Elizabeth Vita: nods at Rod
[20:43] Elizabeth Vita: yes that's what she said!
[20:43] Rod Eun: Yes.. lemonade spills.. give an angel their wings.. *chuckles
[20:43] Rod Eun: If it is not on purpose
[20:43] Rod Eun: that is
[20:43] Carlton Strathearn: - Smiles -
[20:43] Elizabeth Vita: Oh, see Alice, don't cry
[20:43] Elizabeth Vita: you gave an angel wings cause that was an accident...
[20:43] Rod Eun: Yes, it's alright little one.. this man's just sore.. cause he fared poorly in the shoot outs..
[20:44] Salissa Wilder: nods
[20:44] Elizabeth Vita: pats Alice on the head as the toddler blinks at Rod and then happily sips what's left of the lemonade
[20:44] Carlton Strathearn: - Shoots a hard look at the judge - Hmmphhh I did fine!
[20:44] Rod Eun smiles to Alice again
[20:44] Elizabeth Vita: sips her lemonade: She's shy
[20:44] Rod Eun: Aye, ya did well there Carlton.. *winks to the girls
[20:44] Rachel OHare finishes her glass and sets it on the bar, 'Thank you Miss Sal, Mr Eun."
[20:45] Salissa Wilder: smiles at the girl, your very welcome...nice manners
[20:45] Elizabeth Vita: takes Alice's empty glass and sets it on the counter
[20:45] Carlton Strathearn: - Tries to stand up straighter and prouder -
[20:45] Elizabeth Vita: "say thank you Alice". Alice blinks and sucks her thumb
[20:45] Rachel OHare: I have to get home. See ya'll later.
[20:45] Rod Eun: Indeed.. ya must always be on your best behavior, when visiting
[20:45] Elizabeth Vita: bye Rachel.. I should go too
[20:45] Rod Eun: Evening Miss Rachel
[20:46] Elizabeth Vita: places her glass on the counter
[20:46] Salissa Wilder: evening
[20:46] Elizabeth Vita: thank you ma'am
[20:46] Elizabeth Vita: Good evenin'
[20:46] Elizabeth Vita: curtsies and takes Alice by the hand
[20:46] Rod Eun: Night Miss Liz.. and Miss Alice.. *nods again and smiles
[20:46] Salissa Wilder: chuckles, nice little girls, that Rachel may have a saloon of her own if she inherits
[20:46] Elizabeth Vita: waves good bye and drags Alice out
[20:46] Salissa Wilder: well night there you too

Thank you Sal and Rod! The lemonade we got was delicious... we didn't stay long...

I keep going on about this because it's clear to me that I can't stay away from being a kid in the Wild West.... my plans for Deadwood v2 involve my being 13 year old twins (more on their history later).

Meanwhile, that Peter Pan song rings in my ears....

I won't grow up!
(I won't grow up)
I will never grow a day
(I will never grow a day)
And if someone tries to make it
(And if someone tries to make it)
We will simply run away
(We will simply run away)

I won't grow up!
(I won't grow up)
No, I promise that I won't
(No, I promise that I won't)
I will stay a child forever
(I will stay a child forever)
And be banished if I don't!
(And be banished if I don't)

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