Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is it still winter?

I think my excuse for not being inworld is going to be..... I've been hibernating. Yeah, that's the ticket... hibernating. There has been the matter of the Blizzard(s) of 2010 ... paying someone to shovel, paying again and then just giving up and shoveling....

Actually, if the truth be known, (is it ever?) at first it was real life getting in the way -- as stated wayyy back in January ... but then what keeps me now is some kind of inertia / embarassment /guilt /shyness about coming back. Plus I've gotten into the habit of doing Other Stuff (painting and reading and sleeping )

My bestest friends... Addison, Neil, Badger, Black have been patient as I've abandoned them, though I know they've done just swell without me. My other friends (and you know who you are!) have most likely shrugged and moved on . I'm so far behind in storylines, there's no way to catch up.. there's people I have never met deeply into tales I cannot imagine. Further, I imagine by now I either owe tons of rent or my stuff has been justifiably thrown back by outraged landlords...

How and where to begin? It's almost March... perhaps I can wait a bit longer and rise fresh from the ashes.

Off to read Road to Deadwood and drop some notes to folks ... I haven't even been on the forum... oh my...

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  1. *waves and grins*...Hey Mar!! Good to see you posting again! You have been missed.

    You start rping again when you are ready, no pressure. Though I for one, would love to see you in sim. Well, Ezra will see you...Black is kinda dead. :)

    Again, great to see you on here and look forward to seeing you inworld when you are ready.