Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dry Goods Mercantile Variety Store

I've been quietly selling some shops in a box for some time, an idea prompted when noticing that newcomers to Deadwood would wander around first trying to think of a business to take up, then looking for places that actually sold things that fit our time period (mid 19th century American western or Victorian era).

The Barber Shop has seemed to be my most successful to date. I got help from customers who sent requests for additions and improvements. That was followed with a Dressmaker's shop - which I just combined with my very successful Antique sewing machine, to make a Seamstress Shop. Although most probably in the wild west there weren't a lot of ladie's Beauty Shops, I added that awhile back and it has been fairly successful too, especially after adding comfy reclining chairs.

I've had most of the makings for a complete Variety Store and with the coming demise and rebirth of Deadwood, this seemed a good time to put a whole package together. And I have to confess, this was inspired by Astolat Dufaux's Western Dry Goods offer. Both of our offers are very affordable and a smart business person would do well to buy one of each, as we each have things the other isn't offering!

A Variety Shop as a business is really appealing -- you can start out with general goods and specialize it to make it whatever you want... as a builder, it is addictive and loads of fun. It's easy to make low prim items for it, and new shopkeepers can make as many cans, bottles, barrels, baskets as they want. The dry goods mercantile shops often served as lumber stores, a post office, barber shop, and stationery supply shops.

But a basic shop only needs a bit of this and that to start out... still, I had to force myself to stop before I hurt myself! In my inventory are things which I'll package later to offer as additions to this basic starter shop... my favorite thing in it is the hanging onions. Or maybe the pickle barrel. Or the 1876 Calendar that changes months. Or the cash register I made that rings and opens to show some old money. Or... well, I hope you'll take a look even if you don't buy a thing, it's a lot of fun!

Mine is set up in my shop in Alice and I imagine I'll keep adding things to it. You can order items from my start up set separately -- they may be a little more expensive that way as you can't copy the cans and such, but still a good deal!

Variety / Dry Goods / General Store Start Up in Xstreet or MetaLife

Seamstress Shop in XStreet or MetaLife

Barber Shop in XStreet or MetaLife

Ladies Salon in XStreet or Metalife

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