Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is this Madness called Real Life?

....and why is it keeping me from Second Life?

At first it was merely the holidays -- understandable. There are decorations to do, presents to wrap and buy, places to go, people to see. And a house full of.... well, just one teen-ager home for the holidays, but sometimes that's enough to keep you very busy.

Surely, I thought, after the holidays I would be back in SL, back in Deadwood. I'd managed to sneak in for a moment or two, enough to pay rents (though I know I owe for at least one). And a short rp that was fun.

But now there is the tree to be take down (artificial- it may stay there for a month, I don't even have time to take off the decorations!)

Driveways to shovel, inventory to do, fafsa forms, tax preparation, website updating, after the holiday orders and new products to design for Valentines Day (which is upon us as shopkeepers faster than you can believe!) are having me 'working' 18 hour days.

What is this madness? I need an escape, if only I could find the time.....and I miss my friends.... :( maybe just another day.....a week.....?


  1. Oh where oh where has our urchin gone..Oh where oh where can she beeeeeeee!

    *coughs and hides back under the covers*

    Your Christmas tree is still up :)