Monday, November 30, 2009

Whoo hooo something new

I don't really know exactly what I'm doing but... one of my bestselling items is a low cost animated clip board and pen I made (for some reason, I enjoy making animations!).

But people have IM'd me or come to my store, expecting to see it working. I don't quite know how to present the clipboard and pen as a test someone can try on, though I've had them floating around..somehow it's just not the same.

Today I made my first (hopefully not my last) little video -- this one shows Marrant using the clipboard. A bit of work and a little too long for an item that is selling for 50L, but it was fun!

The feather duster --

And the oh so necessary hair brush and primping mirror - I will be putting this in a box with grooming supplies...


  1. The videos are pretty innovative for marketing your products!

    You could also have modified demo versions with huge floating prims that say "DEMO!!" available for sale $0 at your SL shops.

  2. Estwee, Xchange will now be charging 99L a month for "freebies".... and 10L a month for every other listing (plus commissions of 3L minimum, 5% otherwise) which is why I took most of my low priced stuff off the market...but available in my shops!