Sunday, November 29, 2009


Another group, just what is needed -- but if you want, come and join Former Xchange Shopkeepers.

It's intended to be used as a way to share information on what others are doing, or just a griping place.

My latest post to members:
Hey, how are you -- and what are you doing to market your stuff?

I've started a blog, though it's mostly about how I'm marketing now to work around these changes and explaining a little why I am still on xchange while looking around.

Note that is FREE -- it is a way you can market your goods and let off steam if you want to.

On the commerce forum, there are some who are offering places to park your boxes, and discussion of free shops inworld.

Where you find out that SL exchange is going to be down for new software installation on Wed. Dec 2 starting at 8 a.m. for they say 5 hours (yeah, right).

I've been trying out MetaLife, finding it a dream to use. Sales sluggish everywhere! I think ppl are recovering from Thanksgiving in the US, but the economy is still dinging everyone in SL and RL.

Prokofy Neva is putting together a Welcome Kit offer - using freebies and ads from his renters - he'll carry the 99L fee for posting, and no cost to the renters using this.

Read more here.

What are you people doing, if anything?

Have you tried out alternatives? What is working, what isn't? Send me a notecard or post on my blog (address below signature)

Alternatives to xchange (as long as allowed by LL):

Marrant Vita
Former Xchange Shopkeepers

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