Friday, August 29, 2014

Role-playing in Gehenna, SL in facebook

It's been a long long time!  The real world had me busy, and then I went and threw away (accidentally, of course) my password book.  Oh my.  And my desktop computer also wasn't up to handle Second Life.

When it finally went, I invested in a laptop that can handle Second Life.  But there was still the password question. As you may know, Linden Labs doesn't make it easy to get back in.  I wasn't really willing to fax them a copy of my driver's license or social security card.  But persistence paid off, that and a friendly person on the Linden side.

So Marrant is back, along with a couple of others.  We're to be found mostly in Gehenna Crossing , where old... um.. former Deadwood players sometimes go. It's a bit slow there right now, due I think to the summer and possibly the fact that Gehenna, while more laid back than Deadwood was, is still a place for folks who like historical role (1888) rather than fantasy or dark roleplay, not a vampire to be found (that I know of). Although it's listed as an adult rp, children are allowed - just not in the brothel area or the saloons. That's backdrop for my real topic here, and that's facebook. Ugh. I've had an account for Marrant for some time, separate from my rl account. When I got involved in Gehenna Crossing, I got to be an admin for the Gehenna Crossing Page, and started a Gehenna Crossing group.

 Overly excited, I tried what I've done on my rl business page - a little advertising to see if we could boost interest and likes. We only had 27 likes - I signed up under Marrant for 7 days @ $5.00 a day to see what we could do, tagging "Wild West" "roleplay" "second life" and a few other things that I thought might bring in some like minded souls to the Page. After 3 days, the likes were up to 41. Not stunning, but we really don't need a lot of players to have a lot of fun. 4 more days to go! And the group was picking up, too.

 When suddenly Marrant got a note from facebook that they were putting the advertising order on hold due to "suspicious activity". Um. What? My bad - I used my business paypal account, which has a different e-mail than either of these accounts - and although Marrant does have permission to use it, something was triggered. Facebook wanted to know why my address for that account (how did they know the address?) was different than Marrant's. I had a valid explanation.

 Their auto-response was that it takes 5-7 days to process, they'd get back to me. Meanwhile, the 7 days ad was frozen, so everything stopped there. Reading up on what to do if you think your avatar might be compromised on facebook, I requested a download of my all of Marrant's things. (You go to “Settings” on the far right upper part of your facebook page,

then General Account Settings, and at the bottom is "Download a Copy of Your Facebook Account".  I'd also suggested just downloading your Timeline as a webpage. That should save your albums and photos.

I did that, but not fast enough.  By the time I got the email saying my file was ready to download, I'd already been booted off - it happened while I was trying to add my rl account to the group as an admin, in case anything happened to me and other admins.  I can come back in if I give them proof that Marrant is real. So, no.

Interestingly, my rl self was never notified that my paypal account was suspected of being compromised, and so far, it's not been suspended.  There is now a Page on it for Marrant - something I'd advise people do who have both a rl account and an avatar account.  

You don't need to let rl people know of it's existence, and you can do almost anything with it that you could do with it's own account - you cannot join a group, unfortunately, and the number of other Pages you can like is limited.   You can post to it from your twitter account. 

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