Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Joy of Mute

Mute, glorious mute!

I just recently discovered the joy of the mute button - something I have been programmed not to use in real life because, you know, it's so RUDE to ignore people....

But, as I mature (read, grow old) and find life is too short to deal with difficult people, lately I have come to realize the wisdom and pleasure of pushing that little button.   If you MUTE someone, you don't get their IM's, you don't accept anything they send to you (notecards, objects, etc.) and don't listen to their open chat if they are near you.   If avatar impostors is enabled, muted Residents and attached objects will be replaced by a gray avatar impostor.

Rarely in the past have I used it, despite being an administrator, most times those banned have taken their lashes well.  Too, being as I am only human, I don't like to use the mute button to shut someone out who may have some valid points.   I've muted those who are screaming obscenities in IM, and once I muted a fellow who was trying to "gift" me with things fellow admin Clay told me would have done me some serious damage. I muted the objects he was sending, too.  Keen-o!

That was long ago, too.

But lately I have started pushing the MUTE button to deal with people who I am finding obnoxious, either in their role play or OOC.    It's my own little short term solution, far better than cussing at someone.  The MUTE button is my friend.  I highly recommend this for those who are truly not into drama scenes -- if you don't want to find yourself caught in endless and pointless discussions, debates, arguments with someone who doesn't seem to get the point, the MUTE button can be your friend too...

This is mostly my non-admin characters who have the luxury of doing this - though not always.

There was the fellow in another sim who started IMing me for advice on how to rape his girlfriend -- oh, sure, I could argue and talk back and scream at him, but that MUTE button just shut him right up.

The two women in a hair shop where I was who were screaming and talking loudly - I'm not sure about what or why -- MUTED!!!!!   and I was able to shop in peace and tranquility...

Someone sending me long and scathing IM's or notecards that have no bearing on reality -- after trying to reply logically... MUTE!!!!

An old friend who turned out to be no friend at all,  but who shows up occasionally in places where I like to role-play -- I don't need to hear the dialog I'm never included in so MUTE!!!!!

Those whose role play drives me insane for reasons that may not make sense to anyone but me..... my own pet peeves .. .MUTE!!!!!

Anyone being obnoxious and incessantly sending IM's -- MUTE!!!

My MUTES may only last a few moments - they may last for weeks, or even forever - but I feel empowered that I have the choice to push that button and watch the other avatar turn silent and gray until I have regained my composure.

It's always good, I find, to check the MUTE list periodically to see if I accidentally added someone, or if it's time to take someone off the list. It's good to make a note in the person you've muted's profile explaining why you muted them -- sort of your own little ban list. 

How do I feel about being muted?   Not all that swell -- I'm never sure if I've been muted at all, or if it was by accident (very easy to do!) or on purpose -- but whenever I try to roleplay with someone and am met with silence - when my IM's go unaswered,   I figure, yep, I been muted.  I can be obnoxious too! Go ahead, I see that finger flittering over the button - MUTE me, make your day!

How can you tell if you've been muted?

~ you are always ignored by the Muter
~ your IM's go unanswered
~ your notecards or other gifts aren't received
~the Muter doesn't seem to notice you when you walk nearby

If you want to be sure,  send them a notecard or a nice gift.  Or you can ask a friend to ask the Muter, or ask them to give the Muter a note - best to let the third party know what's going on and of course, be nice.

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