Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TOOOOOO cute!!!!!

In fixing up one of my outfits to make a child outfit suitable for a little girl in Berlin 1920, I found a need for a pair of Mary Jane shoes.   Shoes, sadly, are not my forte, so I did a search and found a pair for 30L on Xchange - for a photo shoot, I figured they'd do.

OMG, how cute are these?  And truly, I'm not a shoe (or clothing) person - friends have to nudge me inworld to remind me I've been wearing the same outfit for three weeks.

These are the PERFECT shoe to add to your 1920's outfit (or 1930's or 40's or 50's and on and on!)

They look adorable with the sweater outfit I have for Berlin ..

This is a tintable hand-knit sweater and knee sock set (I made them myself!) with a matching bow - I am shamelessly offering these for sale on Xchange for 59L ... the outfit is no transfer but modify (to fit different child avatars) and copy so you can make up all you want.  You get the blue plaid skirt and a black skirt with white lace trim, but of course you can add these to any skirts you might have in inventory.  For sale at https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=2390838

Also suitable for children in Berlin - two boys outfits - I took the corduroy and wool suits made for Deadwood consisting of a shirt, jacket and knickers plus socks and ankle boots and added a set of shorts and a cardigan sweater to each as shorts were evidently big in the 1920's for boys. Also included is a matching cap, plus a box with my free boys hair - kind of a bowl cut that can fill in if you don't have something ready yet.    These are also on sale on Xchange for 59L each.

Back to those adorable, affordable Mary Janes!   I went to the shop of the maker (I bow in awe!) and snooped around.  There are some modern times party dresses and some rain boots and modern sandals.  The dresses were about 300L.  The Mary Janes were there, sooo cute!  But the prize, I thought, was this outfit!

It looks German to me - or Scandanavian enough to fit on a child in Berlin who is going to a dress up event.   It comes with a pair of red Mary Janes, too (I wore black because the red ones seemed to make my feet look big!)

And best of all, this whole cute outfit is only 60L!!!!

Where?   These can be found at Bearwear at Kissling Village,  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kissling/201/71/72/

There are also a couple of sweaters for boys there...

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